Youth Programmes

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Youth Initiatives

The Department of Education manages programmes and initiatives to engage, support and and collaborate with young people.

Career Development

Career development is the ongoing process of managing your life, learning and work. It involves developing the skills and knowledge that enable you to plan and make informed decisions about your education, training and career choices.

National Youth Affairs Research Scheme

The National Youth Affairs Research Scheme is a cooperative funding programme between the Australian Government and state and territory governments.

Compact with Young Australians

The Compact with Young Australians was established to help young people get the skills they need to get a job and make a successful transition to further education or training.

School to Work Transitions

There is a clear link between getting a year 12 certificate (or equivalent qualification) and improved social and economic outcomes for all young people. The Australian Government recognises the importance of education and training and is encouraging young people to complete school and...