More Support for Students with Disabilities

The More Support for Students with Disabilities (MSSD) initiative was introduced to raise awareness and understanding of educator’s obligations to students with disability under the Standards. The MSSD was a short term injection of funding over three school years, 2012 to 2014 inclusive, to build the sustainable capacity of schools to improve the quality of education for students with disability and to enable a more inclusive school culture.

MSSD funding to government education authorities was provided under a National Partnership Agreement. Funding to non-government education authorities was provided by aligned funding agreements.

The present Australian Government extended the short term MSSD initiative, which was funded for $200 million for 2012 and 2013, with an additional $100 million being made available in 2014. This extension enabled education authorities to boost their efforts and consolidate systemic long term reforms.

An independent evaluation found the MSSD initiative achieved its objective to stimulate new strategies to build the skills of teachers and increase school capacity to better meet the educational needs of students with disability and/or learning difficulties. Although the initiative was not intended to cover all schools in all sectors over the three years it appears that most, if not all, schools have felt the impact of the MSSD initiative on inclusive teaching skills and large numbers of teachers and school leaders have received professional development and support.


An independent national evaluation of the More Support for Students with Disabilities initiative has been undertaken by PhillipsKPA.

The evaluation examined how effective the initiative has been at helping to improve the educational outcomes of students with disability, increasing the skills of classroom teachers and enabling a more inclusive culture in schools.

Examples of best practice and lessons learnt in supporting students with disability have been documented as case studies.

The final evaluation report is available for download below.

Phillips KPA MSSD Final Evaluation Report