Jobs, Education & Training Child Care Fee Assistance

Jobs, Education and Training Child Care Fee Assistance (JETCCFA) provides extra help with the cost of Child Care Benefit approved child care to support parents on income support payments while they undertake work study or training to enable them to enter or return to the workforce.

JETCCFA can help meet the cost of child care by paying some of the 'gap fee' – the difference between the total fee charged and the amount covered by Child Care Benefit, for care related to JETCCFA approved activities.

A fact sheet with further information about JETCCFA, can be downloaded and printed using the following link:

JETCCFA Fact Sheet

2014 JETCCFA Budget changes

From Monday 5 January 2015, the Australian Government is introducing two key changes to the JETCCFA programme:

  1. A maximum $8 hourly cap for all JETCCFA payments, after Child Care Benefit, and
  2. A 36 hour weekly limit per child for JETCCFA payments to recipients undertaking study.

JETCCFA will cover the cost of child care after the parent’s Child Care Benefit entitlement, up to a maximum of $8 per hour. Most families will find that their current child care service can provide the number of hours needed at a cost well within the amount available, so that there will be no change to their current situation.

For parents who study and use JETCCFA, they will be able to access the 36 hours across the week.

Families will have up to the end of the year to change child care arrangements if necessary.

Families can search and compare child care services under the ‘find child care’ tab on the MyChild website  which provides vacancy and fee information on around 15,000 child care services Australia-wide.

Existing JETCCFA recipients will be notified of the changes by the Department of Human Services, which is responsible for assessing the eligibility for and delivery of JETCCFA payments.

These changes will ensure that JETCCFA is available for as many income support families as possible to enable them to get the skills they need so that they can secure jobs, now and in the future.

Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate payments will be available for families to help with child care costs in addition to the JETCCFA payment.

Families will have up to the end of the year to change child care arrangements if necessary.

More information can be found in the

Contact numbers


For more Information, parents can call 136  150 or visit the Department of Human Services website.


Services needing further information about JETCCFA administration and calculation can phone the Child Care Management System helpdesk on 1300 667 276.