Independent Public Schools

The Australian Government has committed $70 million to working with all states and territories to help their government schools become more autonomous by 2017.

Evidence shows that school autonomy is an important element of any school improvement strategy. The Australian Government is responding to the growing demand for greater school autonomy through the $70 million Independent Public Schools initiative.

Under the Australian Government’s students-first approach, two of the four key areas of focus are school autonomy, and engaging parents in education.

The Independent Public Schools initiative supports both these aims, and will help schools build strong communities, give schools greater local decision making powers and increase the engagement of parents, community groups, business and industry in the life and operation of the school.

To help parents get involved in their school community, a useful online Guide for Parents on School Boards and School Councils is available to help explain some of the ways to get involved in their child’s school and the different school systems in their state or territory.

Independent Public Schools will remain part of the government school system and will continue to receive support from state governments. They will not charge tuition fees to parents or have selective enrolments processes.

Want to know more?

Further information about the Independent Public Schools initiative, is available on the Quality Schools, Quality Outcomes website.