Evaluation of the Early Learning Languages Australia Trial – Final Report

The Early Learning Languages Australia (ELLA) trial, which commenced in 2015, has been formally evaluated by Deloitte Access Economics.

The evaluation shows that the trial has been a success, with overwhelmingly positive feedback from educators and parents.

Key outcomes from the report are:

  • The trial has been successful in meeting its stated objectives of providing language and cultural exposure to preschool children, however full assessment of longer-term learning outcomes would require a more thorough longitudinal study.
  • Educators and parents were largely positive about the trial and mostly expressed a desire for the programme to continue into the future.
  • There is significant scope for the programme to be increasingly cost-effective with participation and uptake by a greater number of services.

The evaluation looked at:

  • Design of the ELLA trial
  • Implementation of the ELLA trial
  • Delivery of the ELLA trial
  • Engagement with the ELLA trial
  • Impact and efficiency of the ELLA trial, and
  • Future considerations.

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Minister Birmingham’s press release is available on the Minister's website.