AVETMISS technical information

The Australian Vocational Education and Training Management Information Statistical Standard (AVETMISS) is the national data standard that ensures consistent and accurate capture and reporting of vocational education and training (VET) information about students.

AVETMISS collections

AVETMISS covers three national data collections:

  • National VET Provider Collection – consists of data collected from public and private training providers who offer VET to domestic and international students at onshore and offshore locations
  • National Apprentice and Trainee Collection – consists of data collected from State (and Territory) Training Authorities on apprenticeship and  traineeship training contracts
  • National Financial Data Collection – consists of data collected from State Training Authorities on the use of public funds in the financing of VET activities.
  • National VET in Schools Collection – consists of data collected on secondary school students who gain vocational education and training in schools. This includes practical work skills and nationally recognised VET qualifications (Certificates I, II, and III).

The National VET Provider Collection is the nationally consistent standard for collecting information on VET students, who they are, where they study and what they study. AVETMISS is managed by the National Centre for Vocational Education and Research (NCVER).

AVETMISS data fields

NCVER has published two documents (which should be used together) that describe the AVETMISS data requirements for the National VET Provider Collection:

Preparing AVETMISS compliant data

To report training activity, RTOs need to have the capacity to create AVETMISS-compliant text (.txt) files from data in their student management system.

Student management systems may be custom-built, a system provided by a State/Territory Training Authority or commercial AVETMISS-compliant software purchased from software providers.

The Commonwealth has no affiliation with any particular student management system software provider, however, there are a number of systems that are able to produce AVETMISS-compliant files for data reporting.  RTOs considering purchasing one of these systems should research the vendor and consider what type of on-going support is provided, the maintenance and upgrade arrangements (particularly for changes in the standard), and helpdesk support. A register of AVETMISS compliant software systems is available on the NCVER website

NCVER has made AVETMISS Validation Software (AVS) available for RTOs to validate their data before submission. AVS is a file validation and submission system for providing data to the National VET Provider and National Apprentice and Trainee Collections. The software is freely available now to help RTOs prepare and validate AVETMISS data for submission. 

The AVS User Guide is available on the NCVER portal.

RTOs with a commercial student management system should be able to extract a correctly formatted AVETMISS file and load it into AVS, for correction and verification of compliance with AVETMISS.  RTOs should contact their student management system provider for more information on their system’s ability to produce AVETMISS compliant files.

Small RTOs can use NCVER’s free Data Entry Tool. This is a web-based solution for entering VET student and training activity information. The Data Entry Tool has been specifically designed for use within small (100 students or fewer) RTOs.

Find more information on the NCVER website at Data Entry Tool.

Submitting data

There are two general pathways by which data from RTOs is submitted through to NCVER, directly or through a State Training Authority. Specific pathways depend on the jurisdiction, type of RTO and student funding source. RTO and student funding types include:

  • government supported students with public RTOs
  • fee for service students with public RTOs
  • government supported students with private RTOs
  • fee for service students with private RTOs

In most jurisdictions, public RTOs send AVETMISS validated data on training activity for both government supported students and fee for service students to relevant State Training Authorities. Private RTOs are also required to send AVETMISS validated data on training activity for government supported students to State Training Authorities. State Training Authorities then forward AVETMISS Provider Collection data to NCVER, for incorporation into the National VET Provider Collection. More information about submission pathways.   

Note: Some jurisdictions also require additional state/territory specific data validations in state systems.

Private RTOs in all jurisdictions can submit AVETMISS validated data on training activity for fee for service students directly to the NCVER. However, in some jurisdictions data can be submitted through the State Training Authorities (together with data on publicly funded students). 

Please see NCVER’s factsheet, Where, when and how do I report my AVETMISS data? for further information on submission arrangements.

RTOs should contact State Training Authorities for further details on the submission arrangements and frequency in each jurisdiction.